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In order not to just admire the photos before you start your new eye shield, read a few lines about selected models. The summer collection of women’s and men’s sunglasses, cult Italian fashion and lifestyle within the Police, brings new multi-colored and bold models that represent a new cosmopolitan identity inside.

Absolute hit is thus a predetermined female aviator shape model, made of flat, glossy gold mask and ultra-thin metal flexible handles that ensure maximum comfort.

There is also a sexy and rebellious model with an ultra-feminine oversized front and a floral pattern on handles. The rounded acetate box in blue and the color of the fuchsia is complemented by a double golden bridge.

A timeless classic, aviator model with ultra-lightweight silver metallic structure and large aviator lenses. There are also male models – silver futuristic and unconventional.

The front part is a flat overlaid mask, aviator shape, and flexible handles are made of ultra-tensile metal. Sunglasses with a square shape and polarized lenses, the front of which consists of several elements.

Police’s ‘wings’, a protective feature of the inside, appear as a metal detail on the frame and on the handle, exerted by the heat on the acetate. On the other hand, identity, quality and design are a powerful fashion imperative that best describes the collection of sunglasses by famous and influential fashion designers.

Apart from completing our clothing and giving the final word to our styling, they are very useful in protecting our eyes from the sun and harmful UV radiation. Certainly they are recommended to everyone, especially to lighter eyes.

The choice is really great, from dark frames and dark glasses to whitish white frames, thicker or even thin. Various shapes, different colors, in short, whatever you like.

There are, of course, different sunglasses of different quality so you should make sure that those sunglasses that you choose have sufficient protection against harmful sunlight when choosing them. Such glasses are somewhat more expensive, but we believe we can find quality sunglasses at an affordable price.

Sunglasses are fashion accessories that can greatly complement our look. We must not forget that they primarily protect our eyes from ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, sunglasses should not be chosen solely on the basis of their shapes and colors or aesthetic criteria. Particular attention must be paid to the quality of the lens.

They say we’re a woman’s disagreement. In fact, it’s all the more true for men. Anyway, we all like choosing sunglasses that fit our face pretty well. In doing so, we must respect the shape of the face and color of hair. All frame shapes fit to the oval face. People with square face, wide forehead and beard should choose a round frame that should not be too large. If your face is elongated, it is best to fit large frames that cover the middle of the face. For a round face the right choice is square frames, best in dark color, because your face will look like a rope. A triangular face with wide bibs and a small beard fits a frame that is in the upper part straight and under the curved, pilot-style or legendary “ray banks.”

When choosing sunglasses, we must also respect the color of hair and the shape of the nose. Larger nose fit with larger frames, while for smaller nose we choose a bit more in the upper part. It is best to have a lighter color because your nose will look longer. As for hair color, we have to point out that the blue and red hairs fit the gold, copper and brown colors, while black or platinum blonde is the best choice for frames in black, gray, blue or pink. First of all, keep in mind that your glasses are following the lines of your face. They can, but they do not have to cover their eyebrows, but they must cover the eye area. This year they are fashioned in large square and round glasses. It is interesting that fashion designers are increasingly copying shapes that were modern in the late 1970s. This year’s collections offer the widest range of sunglasses to choose from. Modern, that is, large spectacles, as well as mid-size spectacles and those small ones. We can choose the glasses in different colors, although this year’s summer hit is white. This is true for both women’s and men’s sunglasses.

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